“Our planet is our home, our only home.
Where should we go if we destroy it?“
– Dalai Lama –


At munic, we define sustainability as reducing, reusing and recycling. Therefore, we try to reduce the waste that arises through sending our goods by using volume-optimized shipping and hereby minimizing unnecessary packing.


To protect the frames in the package from being scratched, we use foil bags made from regenerated cellulose, which is made from renewable raw materials and is 100% biodegradable. The bags can be disposed via organic bins or garden compost.


Our wrapping paper is made from environmentally friendly paper, is 100% recyclable and can be disposed via waste paper bin.


Our shipping packaging is made from raw cardboard, is 100% recyclable, consists 100% of the waste paper industry and is not optically brightened by chemicals. The boxes can be disposed via waste paper bin.


Our adhesive tape is free of plastic and silicone, consists of 100% ecological backing paper, has water-based printing ink and environmentally friendly natural rubber glue. The adhesive tape is also 100% recyclable and can be disposed together with the cardboard via waste paper bin.

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