Munic Eyewear is a German company headquartered in Munich. It was founded in 1991 by the designer and CEO Marcus Riess and is now managed by the couple Ari and Marcus Riess. In these days of inferior mass production, people yearn for products that have a handmade feel and have been produced with special care. At munic, clear lines, harmonious colors and style are defining the values. The company’s eyewear is fashionable and authentic, the result of a process that pays loving attention to every single detail. For people with style who make decisions based on their good taste. A sustainable design in best quality that will provide long-lasting pleasure. Handmade in Germany, Austria and Japan.

Why munic? Why a city as a name for an eyewear brand? Sometimes in life, you make decisions instinctively. As time goes by, you also come to realize that such decisions were rationally correct as well. This is also how it went with the name munic. Initially, we only wanted to express where we come from, to tell people where our home is. Today, we understand that, intuitively, we wanted to say much more with this name. Munich and our munic brand actually have a lot in common. Munich is a self-confident, cosmopolitan and multicultural city. Anyone who lives in Munich knows how to enjoy life without losing sight of other important things. Munich is casual, authentic, stylish and creative, but not desperately extravagant. Just like munic glasses.

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